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foxhusky (The Hidden Orchard)

The Silent Scream revisited

This is a piece of my poetry written last year from memories of childhood sexual abuse, and how denial affects his life in adulthood,

The little boy crying in the wilderness
Only the wind hears his cries
The lone wolfcub baying so dear
For life as a cub to become clear

His family don't know him anymore
The little boy once so dear
Turns into someone unclear
He has earned his fears

He cries out in fear
He cries out in pain
The cries are unheard
Because they are his pain

A life so young in silence
So young in fear
So terrified of the dark
Terrified of life

He screams to be heard
Nobody listens
His screams are in silence
But not in his dreams

Dreams; what are they?
Nightmares for one so young
Night terrors are they
Waiting for the one to pounce again

Lying in the dark trying to sleep
If I do, then will I awaken?
The nightmares too scary to sleep for
But he needs sleep
So he waits till dawn
Just to catch a couple of hours
Of well earned sleep?zzzzzzzz

He awakens to another day
What will it bring?
He prays to God, that one day his
Soul can sing

It can sing as it was meant to be
As a little boy so innocent
He is still so sweet and innocent
Just as God wanted him to be

You took his life
You took his soul
You are in hell now
For the sorrows never told

Never told, not until now
It is still so painful being there

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