foxhusky (The Hidden Orchard) (ste54) wrote in whydotheycry,
foxhusky (The Hidden Orchard)

Emotions from Charlie age 14 Triggers

Getting angrier every day.
It's growing inside me like fire.
I'm replacing this childish fear with rage.
Spitting out ugly painful words
'til my body is empty and I'm knee deep in dirt.
Tearing off this mask, baring my teeth.
Are you scared yet? You should be.
Watch me kill this scared little child.
Silence the voice that sounds just like mine.
He's screaming through my mouth but the sound is dying.
His tears feel hot on my face but I'm not crying.
You think I'm so weak but I'll prove you wrong.
I'm not your child anymore.

It's my turn to be a kid
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