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A small rendering.

Blues in the Night

Friday had been a hot, sultry sophisticated lady of a day that ended in a soaking storm breaking and cracking the night into small pieces. Saturday answered with chilled winds from cold breaking waves on empty beaches. Chicago Ave. was teaming as Kate ambled in the direction of the subway. The hint of summer lurched at the city and pulled back leaving a crazy blues in the air. Revolt seemed to be hanging out there in the dark night sky and she passed one, then another spitting out the cold in frustration. They came to the street with cabin fever, willing to take on Motha Nature So shut-tha-fuck-up! The hawking homeless, party animals, streetwise punks, rich bitches, doorway dwellers running for their lives in the coldness of a night that should be hot. She dodged in and out, wishing for that sub shop to be open and finding it closed, slipped around the transit cop yelling at his dog, down into the tube that would spit her through to the night again. Cold steel turnstiles open to the partially and When will they finally finish?refurbished station. Across new granite tile floors, down granite stairs, train leaving, screaming Gotcha again! At the bottom of the stairs a radio played and a tap, tap, tapping. The new floors giving life to old sounds, the Dancer was back. She found her spot, leaning against the i-beam supporter, picking up the rhythm, lighting a cigarette, watching as others joined in the sight and sound. Radio blaring, but not strong enough to drown out trains, as she found her seat, just as the door closed, One more time, please? Take the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race.
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