foxhusky (The Hidden Orchard) (ste54) wrote in whydotheycry,
foxhusky (The Hidden Orchard)

Love sinks in by Bobby

How do you describe it when loves sinks in
And you haven't felt love for a million years
How do you describe the warmth that warms your shoulders
Then moves down inside to calm a restless child
A loving warmth like none you've ever known
He's ever known
A calm
A hand reached out to touch his shoulder
A man looked down
A kindly man
And whispered in his ear, "I love you."
And he felt it
He felt it like a healing current passing through to ease his pain
And now he nestles down in a corner by the fire
The fire that has burned in his dark prison for eternity
And gave no heat....till now
Nor made a sound....till now its friendly crackling fills the room
He pulls the comforter up around his head
So warm now and so snug
And falls into a quiet sleep
I watch him
I feel his calm, his lack of fear
And I wonder why
Why now
Why tonight
Why was this man's touch the one
Why his words the words that breached the wall
Was it merely timing
Had he worked so hard at being loved that finally he knew he was?
Will it last
Who cares
The feeling is amazing
The feeling of love
And suddenly you're lifted up and sailing through the stars
So soft
So silent
So free of fear
Sleep little boy
Feel safe
One night of safety?
One more than we've known
One night with no fear of his coming?
One night with no vigil in the dark?
I'd cry in silent sobs of sweet relief, but I'm too tired to cry
Too tired to weep
Besides I know how weeping feels
But peace?
We've never been at peace
And I will not be robbed of a minute of its joy
Move over little man
Tonight we rest!
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