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Orange, amber halogen light changing to white on the snow. The streets are brighter when it snows, detailing every dark corner with the sparkle of star and moon light caught there. Early, blue mornings achieve effervescence, sliding into daylight and blinding reflection. Slippery streets are softened and Winters only saving grace is its color. Clear, crisp light of day, then bending in the fall of snow to make flakes of the rainbow. In the park are snow angels, snow men, snow forts, snow kids throwing snow balls and snow sledding in ruts turning black with earth mixed with ice. Crystal clear ice tentacles hanging from everything, stabbing the dirt when it gets too warm, Beware of Falling Ice from skyscrapers barely holding the Winter between the canyons of salt, ice, snow, gray stone. The City grips the Season and wants to make you think that it owns this time. The Season grips the City and brings it to its knees when the time is right.
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